What is your current location?

The quantity of applicants we often get for an advertised vacancy is huge. Effectively managing and screening the large number of applications is one of the reasons companies come to Sourced in the first place and we view this as one small way our experienced Consultants add value to the recruitment process. We do our best to work through the applications as quickly as possible, our clients are often wanting to fill the vacancy promptly and we fully appreciate that you, the applicant, want to know where you stand as well.

There are things you can do to help us with our assessment process:

Be transparent about where you are.

You do not need to mask the fact you are not currently living in Christchurch. We often receive CVs with a NZ phone number and an email address but absolutely no indication of where the applicant is currently domiciled. Knowing this information upfront helps us in many ways (like not calling you in the middle of the night, wherever you are) and does not necessarily make the applicant unsuitable if they are not in Christchurch.

Mentioning your location in your cover letter is definitely recommended if you are moving around NZ and don’t want to keep updating your CV.

Do you want to move to Christchurch?

That’s great!  Now, more than ever our city is dependent on people bringing their expertise to Christchurch.

It is often very surprising how many applicants say they “Love Christchurch” and have done their research but upon further questioning, have never visited our city and don’t even know about the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes and the myriad of challenges the city and its people still face.

If you want a competitive edge over and above other applicants who possess similar skills and experience then you need to back up your application with a compelling and honest reason for your intended move.

We understand that some applicants are in urgent need of finding employment and will move to the first location from where an offer is made, however, how you present your reasons for moving to Christchurch is really important as our clients will need to be convinced that you will move if you are offered employment and that you have the knowledge and support networks to settle quickly.

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