Choosing an Agency That’s Right for You.

If you’ve ever used recruitment consulting services, you’ve probably noticed that there are many options to choose from. The fact is, engaging the services of a recruitment agency will have vast benefits. Some examples include that you’re tapping into a huge network of people (and therefore job opportunities) through that consultant. You can get advice from the consultant, who should know the company well, as to what they’re looking for in an interview and what the work culture is truly like. However, this article isn’t to twist your arm into choosing an agency. The fact that you’re reading this means you are probably already aware of the benefits of doing so.

What we would like to do is give you a few tips on how to choose the best recruitment consultant or agency for you.

The reality of it is that there are numerous recruitment agencies throughout New Zealand. Some people choose a scatter gun approach and fire their details through to anyone and everyone. The problem with this is that you may not be giving yourself the best opportunity possible by doing so as some agencies do not take a quality service approach with their candidates and won’t assess them properly for each role. If this happens and you’re sent through to companies willy-nilly then you may come across as a serial applier in the market which can give your name a reputation you don’t want. So choosing to work with one or maybe two agencies that suit your needs is very beneficial.

Some agencies are small, some are large in size. Some specialise in a certain sector or region. Some work internationally. Of course, no one size fits all, however, there are pros and cons to the aspects of agencies and consultants that you’ll want to consider before choosing who you’d like to have representing you to potential employers.

Here are our key tips to finding a suitable agency/consultant and maximising your chance to find the best job opportunity possible:

  1. Find a recruitment agency that meets your needs and wants

    What kind of job are you wanting? Are you set on a specific sector (like IT) or are you open to other areas as well. If you’re set on a specific kind of work, like most, then you’ll want to work with an agency that specialises in that space as well. You can uncover this by asking around with people currently in that industry or at networking events or just doing a bit of research online. You want to work with a recruitment consultant who’s got strong industry knowledge – number of years in the industry is important when you’re talking network size. If you’re open to a variety of industries, a generalist agency may be the way to go, or working with a couple of agencies that specialise in those areas which interest you most might be effective too.

  2. Only work with a consultant you feel comfortable with.

    This isn’t just about being able to have a conversation with someone. It’s about feeling listened to and understood. A good recruitment consultant should be working to uncover not only what you’re interested in but also what you’re suited to. They’ll be matching that with their client’s requirements and culture. Of course, bear in mind, that if you have expectations of the jobs market that are unrealistic, a good consultant will bring that to your attention. One key is to listen to your gut feeling. If you don’t feel that this person has your best interests at heart, feel free to withdraw your application. Remember you are in control of where your resume goes and have the right to ask an agency not to represent you anymore. No explanation is needed.

  3. Find an agency who has a reputation for success.

    You want to work with someone who’s genuinely concerned about your wants and needs. The best way to uncover the quality of a consultant is by asking people you trust and/or reading their reviews – in recent times Seek has supported the use of Sourcr for gathering reviews and this has had a huge uptake in the recuitment industry. Talk to people that have gotten work through the consultant or recruitment agency and ask about how things worked out for them.

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