In New Zealand’s IT recruitment market, it’s often a challenge to find team members who tick all the right boxes. However, in the event that an employer finds themselves with more than one promising applicant on the table, how do they determine which one is the best for the team? The team at Sourced knows only too well how crucial it is to make the right hiring decision. That’s why we’ve put together a few methods for deciding between two equally qualified candidates.

Get An Alternative Viewpoint

Whilst the final decision will rest with you, sometimes, a fresh set of eyes can help make the right choice. It can be beneficial to ask the opinion of existing team members, as they’re the ones that will have to work with the new hire on a daily basis. You could also consider arranging one of your trusted team members to meet with the candidates in a different environment to gain a fresh view of them. For example, a causal meeting over coffee will provide a different insight into their personality than you get through a formal interview.

If you’re still having doubts, don’t hesitate to seek expert advice. Specialist Recruiters have extensive experience matching businesses and candidates. They will be able to provide additional insights and an objective, outsider’s point of view to help with choosing between two candidates.

Consider Culture Add

For the candidates to have gotten this far, you have probably already established they will fit into the existing team and their principals align with the business’ values and mission. However, solely looking at culture fit doesn’t necessarily help to further businesses or make the best hiring decisions, as too much similarity can lead to groupthink and stagnation in the team.

Consider looking at “culture add”, as well as culture fit when deciding between candidates. Employers should ask themselves what the candidates will bring to their company culture that may not already be there. Look at areas the company could improve or how the unique characteristics of each candidate could help the business grow and continue to be innovative in the future. Hiring for culture add not only gives employers the opportunity to strengthen their team but enables them to take advantage of the benefits that diversity can bring to an organisation.

Weigh Up Their Potential

Traditional hiring strategies have often focused solely on whether or not candidates meet the requirements of the current role – an ultimately short-term focused solution for how to decide between candidates. Just because a candidate has the necessary skills at present, it doesn’t guarantee they will continue that upward trajectory.

When deciding between two equally qualified candidates, look beyond the black-and-white nature of the job requirements and instead consider how candidates could continue to add value to the business later down the track. Compare how each candidate aligns with the company’s long-term plans. Is one more motivated to develop their technical skills than the other? Does one candidate have greater leadership potential? It is also vital to compare their overall levels of motivation and enthusiasm. After all, someone who genuinely enjoys coming to work and doing their job will always continue to be an asset.


While it may be a rare occurrence, finding yourself torn between two great candidates can be incredibly stressful. However, by considering aspects such as culture add, thinking long term, and getting an outside perspective, you can be confident in making the most well-informed choice possible.

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