Have you reached a plateau in your Tech Career, or are you wondering what it would be like to change your work environment?

As many as 60% of New Zealand professionals see themselves working in a different organisation in two years’ time, according to Culture Amp, which suggests many workers are dissatisfied with their current position. As the tech sector remains strong in Auckland and Christchurch, reflecting on your short – and long–term professional goals is worthwhile.

If you are on the hunt for tech job promotions, making an action plan for climbing the career ladder will help you get them. This article is a roadmap to help you supercharge your career and achieve long-term success.

Identify Your Career Goals

Understanding where you want to be in one, two or five-years’ time is the first step towards a practicable career progression plan. Whether you are considering how to win tech job promotions, land a job at your dream company, or build up enough experience to lead large teams, having a plan will help you get there.

Keeping a work journal can be invaluable for career planning. You can capture notable achievements, successful strategies, lessons learned from failures, and valuable feedback you‘ve received. Having this documented history can be beneficial when you’re updating your CV, preparing to pitch for a promotion or planning a career transition.

Stay Ahead of Industry Trends

Broad industry changes are coming in at an ever-increasing speed in tech. Artificial intelligence is making waves in virtually every IT-related sector while changing economic conditions will continue to spur changes in customer requirements.

Staying up to date with developments in your field is a powerful tool for tech career advancement. Subscribe to relevant publications and social media feeds, follow thought leaders, and join online communities dedicated to your area of expertise.

Regularly update your knowledge about emerging technologies, methodologies and best practices. Being aware of the latest trends will help you anticipate market demands and position yourself as a sought-after professional.

Embrace Continuous Learning

All successful professionals understand the importance of lifelong education. Continuous learning will keep you at the front of technological changes, enhance your problem-solving abilities, and open new career opportunities.

It’s never been easier to find avenues for expanding your knowledge and skills, whether through formal education, certifications, or self-guided learning. Choose an online platform and acquire a CompTIA, PMP, AWS, CISSP or other relevant certification to get those tech job promotions you want.

Attend conferences, join webinars, and participate in relevant online communities. These activities can also help you identify where you may need to upskill.

Build a Strong Professional Network

Networking plays a vital role in tech career advancement. It can give you access to knowledge sharing, collaboration and career advice. It can also uncover hidden job prospects and give you a competitive edge in the job market.

Although the idea of networking can make the more introverted among us feel uncomfortable, in practice, it can be as simple as growing good relationships with colleagues.

To connect with other professionals beyond your workplace, attend industry events and join professional associations. Engaging with a technology and digital recruitment specialist can broaden your exposure to the wider job market as well.

In Auckland, Christchurch and other regional hubs, you will likely have more chances for face-to-face networking. But as a tech professional, online communities are just as valuable for connecting with others in your field.

Seek Diverse Experiences

Proactively finding new working experiences is a proven way to broaden your skill set and enhance your marketability.

Volunteer for cross-functional projects or explore roles in different areas within your organisation. External volunteering activities are also useful for expanding your skills and network outside of your current role. Be on the lookout for opportunities to mentor junior colleagues and take charge of projects.

Pursuing diverse experiences will grow your knowledge and demonstrate your versatility, adaptability and leadership qualities.

Develop Strong Communication Skills

In today’s work space, a professional’s technical expertise is less valuable if they lack communication skills. If communication skills don’t come naturally to you, it is wise to commit to developing yourself in this area.

Clear and concise communication helps bridge the gap between IT and non-technical stakeholders, enabling you to discuss complex ideas and concepts in a way that everyone can understand.

To enhance your written and verbal communication skills, practice active listening and develop the ability to tailor your message to different audiences. Strong communication skills will set you apart as a well-rounded professional.


Adopting an active approach to investing in your professional growth will position you well for promotions and open doors to exciting new career moves.

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