In today’s competitive job market, it’s essential to use every advantage at your disposal. One such resource is the expertise of recruitment agencies, particularly IT recruiters, who can guide you through the process of landing your dream job.

Michelle Bishop - Tech Recruiter - How to Engage a Tech Recruiter

Michelle Bishop – Tech Recruiter

But how can you make the most of this relationship? Read on to learn what you should and shouldn’t do.

Understanding the Role of IT Recruiters

The Relationship Between Recruiters and Companies

IT Recruiters are a vital link between job seekers and companies. The majority of companies invest in recruitment agencies to seek and secure top-tier talent. This symbiotic relationship is based on trust, experience, and confidence in one another, putting recruiters in a strategic position to help you find the right company and role for your next career move. But remember, this is a two-way street, with both you and the recruiter playing essential roles.

The Significance of Your Trust in Your Recruiter

Just like you, companies are looking for a perfect match. They trust recruiters to find candidates who meet not only their technical requirements but also align with their culture and values. It’s essential to have confidence in your recruiter as they represent you and your interests to potential employers. This trust becomes the foundation of a successful job search.

Maximizing the Relationship with Your Recruiter

Role Expectations

Transparency is key in your relationship with your recruiter. Be open and honest about what you desire in your next role. Both recruiters and their clients can spot incongruity quickly, so it’s best to be honest to ensure a successful match.

Salary Expectations

When it comes to discussing salary, be clear and realistic. Some employers may have flexible pay bands while others may have a set salary range. Recruiters will convey your pay expectations to potential employers, so changing your expectations midway through the process can be detrimental. If you are unsure what your skills are worth, discuss this at the beginning. Do not rely on anecdotal ‘unicorn’ salaries from rumors about people who were headhunted to fill dreamy roles offshore.

The Importance of Cultural Fit

Increasingly, companies value ‘cultural fit’ over expertise. They are interested in knowing if you will blend well with their existing team and if their culture aligns with your personality. The more you convey about your preferences, the better your recruiter can evaluate this fit for you.

Choosing the Right Recruiter

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Partnering with a recruiter you trust is paramount. A trusted recruiter accurately represents you and the companies you’re applying to with honesty and integrity. The question here is – do you trust that your recruiter comprehends your needs and is knowledgeable about their client and their requirements?

Navigating the Job Application Process

Keeping Track of Your CV (more than one agency)

It’s crucial to maintain a record of where your CV has been sent. Multiple submissions of your CV to the same company don’t increase your chances of landing the job. Furthermore, by keeping track, you can lodge a complaint if your CV is forwarded without your knowledge or consent.

It is highly recommended that you confirm any intention to be presented (to a client) through email as clients will immediately step away from the situation that involves a candidate who is presented by multiple agencies.

Maintaining Professional Relationships: Recruitment agencies and your current employer

Don’t burn any bridges. The IT recruitment and employer community is relatively small, and the chances are that you’ll cross paths with the same professionals in the future. If you need to withdraw an application or accept another role, be transparent and professional.

Understanding Counteroffers

It’s not uncommon to receive a counteroffer when you decide to resign. If that happens to you, be sure to reflect on why you sought a new role in the first place. Statistics show most people who accept counteroffers end up leaving again within the following year.


Remember, job hunting is not just about securing any job but finding the right one that fits your career aspirations. Engaging effectively with recruitment agencies will increase your chances of success. Be honest, maintain open lines of communication, understand the importance of cultural fit, and manage your job applications professionally.


1. How can IT recruiters help me find a job?

IT Recruiters have established relationships with companies and can connect you with potential employers who are looking for your skills and experience.

2. How should I communicate my salary expectations to my recruiter?

Be clear and realistic about your salary expectations from the onset. Your recruiter will communicate this to potential employers.

3. What is the importance of cultural fit in job placements?

Cultural fit ensures that your values and working style align with the company’s culture, contributing to job satisfaction and productivity.

4. How do I manage multiple job applications?

Maintain a record of where and when you’ve submitted your CV to avoid multiple submissions to the same company.

5. What should I do if I receive a counteroffer from my current employer?

Consider why you wanted to leave in the first place. Discussing the counteroffer with your recruiter can also provide valuable insight.

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