The vast majority of companies pay for the services of an IT Recruiter to help them find and secure good talent. This relationship between recruiter and company is usually one built on trust, experience and confidence in one another, and puts your recruiter in the best possible position to help you find the right company and role for your next career step.

So how do you make the most of this relationship between the Recruiter and your next potential Employer?

  • Be very honest about what you want (and don’t want) for your next role. We, and our clients can spot incongruence pretty quickly, so honesty is best and will result in greater success for you.

  • Be clear and realistic about your salary expectations. Some employers are flexible, others have set pay bands. Recruiters advise clients of your pay expectations based on what you advise us. Therefore changing your expectations part way through the process isn’t in your best interests.

  • More than ever, companies are putting a greater emphasis on ‘fit’ versus expertise. One of the key things our clients want to know from us is, what are you like? Do you fit their culture? And, from your perspective, will you be happy in their culture? The more you tell us about what you like/don’t like, the more we can gauge this ‘fit’ for you.

  • Work with a recruiter you trust. Thinking back to the points above, you need to trust your recruiter to represent the company you’re applying to and you, with honesty and integrity. Do you trust that your recruiter understands what you want? That they know their client and their requirements?

  • Keep track of where your CV has gone. Sometimes if a candidate is returning home from overseas, or new to the market, they’ll apply for many jobs. It’s crucial you run a list of who you have spoken to and know where your CV has gone. It’s not like lotto – the more times your CV lands on a client’s desk does not increase your chances of getting the job! And, should your CV then get sent somewhere without your knowledge or permission, you are then in a position to lay a complaint (we would never do this!).

  • Don’t burn any bridges. There aren’t many IT Recruiters or IT employers relatively speaking, and some of us have been in the market a long time. If you need to withdraw your application, or take another role because you’ve been lucky enough to have a choice, keep us in the loop. Chances are we’ll work together again in the future as your career progresses.

  • Remember why you applied! You may get a counter offer once you resign. Take time to sit with your recruiter and go over what you were looking for and why you applied. This will help you get clarity. Statistics show most people who accept a counteroffer end up leaving again within the following year anyway!
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