Within the technology and digital recruitment space, it’s a widely mentioned topic; a gender gap contines in tech disciplines. In New Zealand, women make up 27% of digital employees, according to a Digital Skills Forum study and encouraging women into the industry has been an ongoing conversation for the past decade.

Many employers have made encouraging progress in hiring more women over the past decade, but much more is to be done. Attracting women into tech roles requires an ongoing commitment to both equitable hiring practices and creating a workplace culture that makes women feel as valued as their male colleagues.

This article will highlight practical tips for recruiting more women into tech roles and how to make your workplace more inclusive.

Watch the Language of Job Ads and Descriptions

A sensible plan for hiring more women in tech starts with paying careful attention to job ads and descriptions. The language employers use to advertise positions is crucial in attracting a diverse pool of candidates.

In job ads, avoid gender-specific wording that can indirectly deter women candidates from applying for the job. Hiring managers can access various online resources and tools to help them write compelling job ads without sounding exclusionary. When all hiring managers understand the best practices for writing job ads, this will ensure consistency.

It’s also sensible to emphasise the value placed on diversity and inclusion within your organisation. Highlight the potential for career growth, flexibility, and opportunities for skill development, all of which are important factors for women considering technology roles.

Establish Partnerships with Like-Minded Organisations

Partnering with organisations that aim to increase female representation in the tech industry is one way to expand a company’s talent network and promote its employer brand.

Consider collaborating with organisations that enable networking and training for women tech professionals. Example industry groups include TechWomen, She Can Code, She Sharp, and Women in Tech AUT. In New Zealand, such organisations operate local chapters in Auckland and Christchurch, running regular meetups and other events.

Participating in these events, mentorship programs, and workshops can help hiring managers connect with new talent and show their commitment to supporting women in technology.

Create a Welcoming and Inclusive Culture for Women

Workplace culture must also be part of the conversation about attracting women into tech roles. Even the most robust, diversity-focused recruitment strategies can be undermined if the workplace isn’t inclusive of women.

Many women in tech feel their abilities are undervalued, while they are more likely to experience discrimination for speaking up, as Navisite research has shown. Think about how women colleagues are encouraged to contribute to team discussions and meetings. Are male colleagues giving space for their voices to be heard?

At social and casual events arranged during or after work, note if female colleagues are excluded from participating. More often than not, this exclusion is not intentional — but recognising it is a major step towards making a workplace more welcoming to women.

Emphasise Career Development

The length of women’s careers in the tech industry is as much of a concern as the number of women entering the field. As many as 20% of women in tech say they’re thinking of leaving their current role, while 52% say their gender limited their tech career, according to WeAreTechWomen research. Career development is clearly critical for encouraging women to plan a long-term future in the industry.

It’s vital to provide ongoing training and mentorship programs to support and guide women at all stages of their careers. By investing in the growth and development of women in your organisation, you create a positive environment that encourages them to ascend to management positions and mentor women who are in the early stages of their tech careers.

Celebrate and Publicise Success Stories

The need to be recognised and valued at work is universal, but for many women in tech, it can be a challenge to be acknowledged for one’s accomplishments.

Remember to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women within your organisation to inspire and attract more women to join your tech teams.

Showcase success stories through internal communications, social media and the organisation’s website. By celebrating these accomplishments, you not only create positive role models but also send a clear message about your commitment to gender diversity.


Diversity-focused recruiting, along with supplying career support to women tech workers, are easy ways to invest in women’s professional growth and build a more equitable and thriving tech industry.

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