Sourced’s Head Office is based in Christchurch, however, we have been operating in the Auckland market since 2015. More recently, we have moved to shore up our position in the region and our most tenured consultant has relocated to be full-time in the city.

Being able to engage with our candidates and clients much faster and in person allows our operating model to run at 100% in the region and creates more successful outcomes than the traditional ‘specialist recruiter’ that is common in the market. If you are unsure what that means for you, call us to find out how and who it works for.

Chris Woods - Auckland Recruitment Manager

Chris Woods is Sourced’s Auckland Recruitment Manager.

Joining Sourced in 2014, Chris has established a reputation for excellence and delivery with all clients she has worked alongside. With career-long recruitment experience, she has covered roles from Help Desk to CIO and across all verticals including support, software, data,  infrastructure, cloud, BA and PM, architecture and executive.

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