Another standout field within Tech is that of the Network Engineering sector.

As a crucial pillar of the IT industry, Network Engineering has not only transformed the way businesses operate but has also opened up a vast landscape of career paths.

So What is Engineering?

It is a discipline within the IT industry that focuses on designing and managing computer networks to ensure they run efficiently and effectively. These networks, which could range from local area networks (LANs) to wide area networks (WANs) and even to global cloud infrastructure, form the backbone of modern communication.

Areas of specialisation:

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Responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of a computer network.

Manages and troubleshoots network issues, ensures network security, and performs routine maintenance.

Designs complex computer networks, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and intranets.

Studies data traffic patterns, optimizes network performance, and resolves network-related issues.

Supervises the operation of networks, ensures system availability, and leads network project teams.

Specializes in creating and implementing security systems to protect the network from cyber threats.

Provides technical assistance and support related to network systems.

Career Prospects in Network Engineering

With the surge in demand for high-speed, secure, and reliable networks, the prospects for Engineering professionals are very bright. Businesses of all sizes and industries need these people to build, manage, and protect their digital infrastructure.

There’s an increasing focus on network security, cloud computing, and wireless technology, which means professionals with expertise in these areas are particularly in demand. The shift towards remote work in recent years has also underscored the importance of robust, secure, and reliable networks, contributing to the growing demand for Network Engineering professionals.

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Microsoft 365 Systems Engineer


Seeking a skilled Microsoft Systems Engineer for a pivotal role in a large and complex organisation, overseeing cloud based M365 technologies.

  • Strong focus on management of Microsoft 365 technology stack
  • Large and complex environment with geographically dispersed teams
  • Close knit team environment with support and growth opportunities
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