With a good amount of crossover found in Network Engineering, Networks & Systems Administration, another linchpin in the information technology (IT) industry, is an essential field that keeps the digital world running smoothly. It includes a broad range of job roles, with each holding its unique significance in managing, supporting, and optimizing various network and system operations.

Probably our longest list in these overviews, here is a solid list of job titles and descriptions found under the Networks & Systems Administration banner.

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This professional is responsible for the daily operations of an organization’s networks, including organizing, installing, and supporting system networks.

The ‘system admin’ maintains, upgrades and manages an organization’s software, hardware, and networks.

This role involves designing and implementing network configurations, troubleshooting performance issues, maintaining network security, and planning for future growth.

An IT Systems Manager oversees an organization’s entire IT system, ensuring that all operations run efficiently and securely.

This engineer monitors large computer networks and servers for issues from a central location, ensuring network availability and performance.

As the name implies, this professional focuses on protecting an organization’s data and network infrastructure from potential threats.

These professionals offer technical support and advice to staff using IT systems, troubleshooting any problems that arise.

An IT consultant provides strategic guidance to organizations with their IT systems, often involved in the development and implementation of new systems.

A Data Center Administrator oversees IT systems in data centers, ensuring optimal performance and security.

In this role, professionals manage and monitor cloud operations, ensuring the infrastructure’s security and efficiency.

A Systems Analyst examines an organization’s IT systems and processes, proposing improvements for higher efficiency and effectiveness.

This role combines development and operations, emphasizing collaboration between IT professionals to improve system efficiency and speed.

A Network Architect designs and builds data communication networks, such as LANs and WANs.

Optimizing your Career in Networks & Systems Administration

The diverse roles in this industry all contribute to keeping our technology landscape secure, efficient, and forward-facing. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, understanding the breadth and depth of job titles in this sector is useful in helping steer your career direction.

As we increasingly rely on networks and systems, these roles are becoming ever more integral. Therefore, a career in this space is not just about understanding the technology; it’s about shaping the future of the digital world. By nurturing skills like problem-solving, technical proficiency, and strategic thinking, you will effectively contribute to this ever-evolving field.

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Senior Systems Engineer


This opportunity is ideal for a seasoned Systems Engineer ready to take on a challenging yet rewarding role in Timaru.

  • Involves direct client interaction, ensuring a tailored IT service.
  • Hands-on role; no remote work, based in Timaru with travel across local regions.
  • Competitive salary range with benefits and professional growth opportunities.

Senior Systems Engineers (Linux)


Needing a new challenge in a technically diverse infrastructure environment?

  • Make a difference and showcase your technical depth in this busy role
  • Long standing local employer with an international reach
  • Generous salary range, great benefits and parking
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