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Hacktivate is coming!

20 Jan 14 by Sourced

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The Home Straight

Here we are about to set off on the home straight of 2013, with summer just around the corner! So much has happened at Sourced this quarter, from adding new members to sponsoring some really exciting industry events in Canterbury.

We hope you find this update both interesting and timely as the market continues to heat up. We’re excited that our contribution to the Canterbury IT community continues to grow organically.

We’re also very excited about the opportunities that have been presented and pursued in the quest to market Canterbury as a career location for IT professionals, and Sourced as not only a recruitment partner but a contributor to the growth and success of our IT sector.

Special Project Update:

Hacktivate Mile High


Mile high brochureAfter much ‘behind doors’ discussion and organisation we are extremely excited to announce that Sourced are bringing Hacktivate to Christchurch!

Hacktivate is a digital spectator sport. It is an event that gathers exceptional programming talent, showcasing it to a live audience in a highly visual, fast paced format. Each event has the ability to integrate cutting edge technology into the mix through a unique blend of programming challenges, design, and interactivity. This is communicated to both technical and nontechnical audiences through visualisation outputs, live commentary and an M.C.

About the actual competition:

Remember the game Flight Control? Teams will compete on the night to design and develop a system that will control incoming and outgoing air traffic from CHC airport – but it needs to look great too. Programmers will create code, giving their applications the smarts to make sure their planes land safely. Designers will be charged with creating 2D graphic designs of their planes and airspace. Sound like you and want to register a team???

Click through to the Mile High page, here

General Comments

It’s been an extremely busy last 3 months, with our team at capacity responding to the highest levels of demand we’ve seen this year for candidates for permanent positions, almost exclusively growth roles. These requirements have been broad, encompassing both software development, professional services and Infrastructure, and we expect to see a continuation of this trend through the remainder of the year. We are also seeing a higher than average level of candidate activity, with the number of overseas and national candidates looking to make the most of the opportunities in Christchurch increasing significantly.

This is on the back of our continued marketing of the Canterbury IT Sector, and Sourced’s desire to support local growth, which is a key focus for our business. We’re all aware that local businesses are building and maintaining really engaged, high performing teams, and as a result the need to look outside of the region is critical.

Mid 2013 hiring statistics for recruitment

In the past 3 months, 41% of our candidates who were offered permanent employment, came from overseas and had not worked in Christchurch before. We have seen a slight drop in demand for contractors when compared with the rest of this year, however this has been met with an increase in permanent demand, and a willingness to consider creative employment arrangements including remote working, part time/flexi-hours, and fixed term arrangements. What is also worth noting, is that salaries continue to hold fast with no significant increases noted. This may well be a collective decision across the industry, but is also driven by the prime motivators of our candidates which tend to be more focused towards career progression, project involvement, and team/culture considerations.

Within Sourced’s walls

Our quarter has been rather exciting internally, with the addition of our newest team member Jess Eastmond, who has come aboard to grow our capability in the Technical IT area. Jess will be known to many in the local sector through her recruitment and industry involvement, recently helping to launch such initiatives as iBuzz and Start Up Weekend.

Entre 75k sponsorJason and William were pleased to see the UC Entre event winners announced this week:
The 75K challenge was an event we both sponsored and for whom Jason provided mentoring to a competing team for 2013. It’s this sort of competition that fosters the innovation and commercialism of ideas that we’re always keen to support!

As this goes to print, we are also preparing for the Canterbury Software Summit (tomorrow, 3 October) at Addington Raceway, again an event we’ve decided to get in behind and sponsor this year. This is looking to the most attended event yet, with up to 500 delegates expected on the day.

Jason, who sits on the Canterbury Software Cluster Committee, has been busy this last week preparing Sourced’s contribution to the event, and reports back that all planning is complete (thanks to an outstanding team effort and stellar work put in by the event managers, Communicate IT) and we’re ready for what should be an outstanding day featuring some top speakers and workshops.

Software Summit

Lastly, if you had a sharp eye you may have spotted us in the Press recently, with a short piece on our business. We were actually approached by The Press on the back of our continued involvement and commentary on the local sector, so thought we’d take the opportunity to promote our values, vision and plans and while we weren’t so keen on being photographed, were pretty pleased with the article.

Who is in demand?

This quarter has seen IT recruitment activity at the highest levels we’ve seen this year, with an ongoing demand for highly skilled candidates across software, infrastructure, professional development and support. Our most in demand skills have been in the areas of test automation, business analysis, software development and systems engineers, all in the permanent space.

Contracting opportunities are presenting, however in smaller numbers as the end of year closes in. We are certainly finding that with above average levels of retention within Canterbury IT businesses, and an increasingly engaged workforce, the majority of candidates we are recruiting are coming from outside the region, and are referred to us through our networks or approach us to help with securing employment.

We can report that in the last 3 month 64% of the candidates we placed in employment were referred, identified through networks, or registered with us an active job seeker. Traditional advertising methods are becoming less and less effective, and seen as complimentary only to our sourcing strategies.

General Round Up

We are expecting similar levels of activity through until the end of year and into early 2014. Employer confidence remains high, and with an increased focus on attraction, retention and growth/development opportunities for internal team members, demand remains consistently high across the industry sector with no one area standing out as a ‘key’ demand set.

The year’s trend towards project growth, redevelopment of existing technologies, and refreshing infrastructure and systems remains constant and we don’t see this changing any time soon, Christchurch remains a great place to work, with opportunities from start up to enterprise/corporate level.

More and more candidates are seeing the attractions that Christchurch offers and are making the move here, bringing about well needed growth and diversity to the local talent pool.

Happy home straight, from the team at Sourced.