Remote work has become a consideration for many businesses worldwide (though we do now hear reports of a significant swing back to in-office in New Zealand). The sudden need for social distancing forced companies of all sizes and industries to transition into a remote work setup (with the original onset of C-19), heralding a new era of professional interaction and collaboration.

As we continue to negotiate our way through the new post-lockdown normal, it’s crucial to understand how to successfully adapt to this paradigm shift and keep our productivity high while working from home. We have put together some thoughts around working remotely with an overview of those in the points below:

An Unforeseen Circumstance

COVID-19 has certainly shaken up our traditional notions of work. Once considered a privilege or an occasional convenience, remote work has now become a necessity in some areas of the world. While this shift was abrupt for most, many have found silver linings in the new work-from-home arrangement, including the elimination of commuting and a better work-life balance. It also allows some people back into the workforce who may have struggled due to accessibility or other responsibilities.

Thriving in Remote Work

Success in a remote work setup hinges on several factors. These range from creating a conducive home office environment to leveraging technology and staying connected with your team. Here are some tips to help you thrive in your remote work journey.

Establish a Productive Workspace

First and foremost, it’s crucial to set up a comfortable and conducive workspace. This area should be free from distractions, well-lit, and equipped with the necessary tools and technology. Maintaining a regular cleaning routine can also help improve focus and productivity.

Leverage Technology

Utilize software and applications that enhance remote work collaboration. Project management tools, video conferencing platforms, and cloud-based document sharing systems are vital for effective communication and collaboration.

Keep a Regular Schedule

Establishing a routine is key to maintaining productivity while working from home. Set a regular schedule that mimics your office hours and includes breaks to stretch, hydrate, and give your mind a rest.

Maintain Open Communication

Open and frequent communication with your team is vital in a remote work setup. Regular check-ins and updates not only help keep everyone on the same page but also foster a sense of community and teamwork.

Embracing the Future of Work

The skills and practices we adopt today will undoubtedly shape our work culture in the post-COVID-19 world. Embracing remote work, therefore, is not merely a reactive measure, but a proactive approach towards future-proofing our careers and businesses.

In conclusion, while COVID-19 presented its fair share of challenges, it has also ushered in opportunities for growth and learning. With the right mindset and strategies, we can thrive in the remote work environment and turn these challenges into stepping stones for success.

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