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Best Use of LinkedIn for Professionals

31 Jul 15 by William

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Linkedin, is it working for you?

By now, you have heard about LinkedIn. Many of you go on to have created slick profiles on it. Some of you even manage to land a job through using it. That’s a great start. However, do you know how to fully utilise LinkedIn? Like many other social & professional online networking tools, LinkedIn has plenty of usefulness. However, its usefulness depends mostly on how effective you are in using it.

Below, I will share with you a few tips and tricks that will not only bring you to new level of LinkedIn experience but also make sure you gain the most out of this popular professional networking tool.

Advanced Tips to Get the Most out of LinkedIn

  • Connect your LinkedIn account to professional content online news portal

    In the age of social media driven news content, you have a lot of power to choose which online news outlet you want to follow. However, there are two online news portals stand out so far - LinkedIn Pulse and The former is an official application from LinkedIn that promotes and displays news content from industries leading experts. While the latter allows you to receive a stream of news on your contacts. Both these news portals scour industry publications, local, national newspapers and more to give you proper news on your contacts (not simply status updates).

  • Use tags to organise your contacts

    LinkedIn allows you to use up to 200 tags, and each contact can have several tags. You can do it by clicking on ‘Connections’ under the name of a contact: Tags - add new tag.

  • Use custom labels to enhance your website links under contact info

    Doing this will ensure that you are able to showcase stuff that you may choose to display on your own website, for example. You can do this by editing your own profile and choosing ‘Websites edit’.

  • Think about how you are using the space on your profile and tighten your profile

    Time is money and people avoid reading and scrolling through long profiles. Multiple roles in one company can be summarised in one longer term role and the description can list them one by one to save space. Think about “less is more” if you can make the roles substantial and showing progress.

  • Used Advanced Search to find relevant contacts

    Doing this will allow you to find a more targeted list of connections. To do this, you need to click ‘Advanced’ on the top bar, next to magnifying lens icon. You can also start with a broader search and drill-down by selecting filters on the left column.

Tips to Enhance your LinkedIn Experienced:

  1. Add all emails to your account

    Adding every email you have ever used professionally or academically, in addition to your private email, enhances the chances that prior contacts will find and connect with you. All invites will end up in the email you designate as your primary email, but LinkedIn will recognise that your contacts are trying to reach YOU.

  1. Have a great photo!

    Modern profile shots are a clear headshot of you and possibly also include a setting, as appropriate. It should not look like it is cropped out of a group of friends.

  1. Be selective about posting into groups.

    Let posts be the best of you. Randomly sharing articles or asking ‘Anyone in the group from Milan?” will brand you a ‘newbie’ on LinkedIn. Better to do a search and discover who is in Milan, than hope that the ones in Milan are reading our post at the right time.