The Circleback Initiative - 2023As part of Sourced’s Career Resource Center, you will find our experiences and advice here, delivered as a collection of resources for you to read and take away. We are continually creating new and relevant pieces, most can be found on these pages.

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Product ManagementProject / Programme ManagersSoftware EngineersSystems Administrators
Team LeaderTechnical WritingTesting / QAWeb Development

Question: What does a [Job Title] do?

If you are looking for information specific to the job categories that we use (and are used on most Job Boards), we’ve created some great educational pages that also show you which roles we are hiring for in that category. Click through (above) to learn more about each of these.


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Job-Seekers FAQ

Yes. We have two options, the easiest being that you Register with us

100% We are part of the Circle Back initiative and candidate feedback is something we have been hot on since we opened the doors. You will receive a message confirming that we have your application, then you’ll be contacted by one of the team. If you are interviewed for a position we provide feedback throughout the process.

There are situations where we are unable or don’t want to list a job that we are working on. In those cases, we post a less specific ad on our site only. You can rest assured that we will never post fishing/candidate pooling jobs – all applications go to a specific job that is live in our system. If you apply to any ad you will be contacted and given more information about the specific position it is related to.

No. In New Zealand it is illegal to provide advice unless you are licensed or exempt. It is important that you approach a reputable organisation to help you.

By law, any person that gives you immigration advice about New Zealand must be licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority, unless they are exempt.

If you have a Visa/Right to work in NZ and are offshore but on the way, we can talk to you in advance – please register with us.

Yes, we often have graduate-level roles. Truth be told, we love talking to graduates, even if we can’t immediately help with a role.


We have a huge number of Advice pieces written on just this topic and if we are talking with you directly we will absolutely help you put your best foot forward.

Our fees are paid by our employer clients in the event you are hired. Sourced does offer Career Services that are available to you, but engagement in those services is completely up to you.

Yes. A general registration with us will go to the whole team, however, each individual position has a dedicated recruiter assigned to it. Please be sure to apply to positions that are suited to your skills and experience.


Meeting in person is a normal part of Sourced’s recruitment process once we have established your suitability for a role. We often use phone and video interviewing as needed while engaging with job-seekers in the first steps with in-person meetings preferred before progressing.

Visit our Job Search page and view our current open positions. After reviewing open vacancies and assuming your skills meet the specific requirements for one or more positions, please click “Apply for this Job” and complete all fields on the application.

If no position meets your needs, you can Register with us instead.

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